Jamie Byrne

Instagram: @jbsurfboarddesign

It’s been 6 years since I picked up the planer. Finally I’ve taken control of what I’m able to make. It’s a long apprenticeship believe me.

Firstly, to be able to control the process of shaping, then the hardest part, is understanding and applying all aspects of design. This is an ongoing thing, you know, 1 step forward and 2 back, trying to work what makes a magic board different from the rest.

The computers help with maintaining a constant but there are so many variables in the finishing that make it so hard to know which will be the one.

At present I am splitting my time between Dad’s factory and JS Industries. This broadens my influences immensely as I consider myself to still be in my formative years. I have been concentrating on small-wave, Hi-Performance concave boards.

Next year I am looking at travelling around the world (Europe, USA, and Hawaii) to broaden my knowledge of local conditions and the design requirements of each area.

It’s looking like a life-long journey.