Dale Wilson

AB and I have been working together since 1996 and as partner in Byrning Spears Surfboards since 2005. After AB’s passing I continued doing what we always did so we don’t forgot AB’s legacy. I am honored and stoked I can continue his work.

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Jamie Byrne

It’s been 6 years since I picked up the planer. Finally I’ve taken control of what I’m able to make. It’s a long apprenticeship believe me.

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Ray Finlay

Ray Finlay Byrning Spears Surfboards is located in Raglan. You can drop in and check out his boards and showroom on Upper Wainui Rd, on the way out to Manu Bay. Turn left near the top of Wainui road, you’ll see his sign – he works out of home which features a shaping bay and showroom.

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