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This page is dedicated to the lifestyle surrounding Byrning Spears. Through our clothing, boards and choices of extreme sports we encourage everyone to enjoy a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Starting with Allan Byrne in the 1970’s and now throughout the world, Byrning Spears has become recognised as a true supporter of a free and extreme lifestyle. Our talented group of team riders – from big wave surfer Darrick Doerner pushing the limits of Jaws to New Zealander snowboarder Olly Burke going huge on any of the world class mountains in NZ – all know that fitness is paramount to their extreme sports.

Where did Tow Boarding really start?

A period of frustratingly bad surf in NZ back in the 70’s may have been the catalyst for the birth of this extreme style of catching waves. Allan Byrne shows again why he is a true innovator to present day surfing.

Keep ripping 30 years later!

Clean living, fitness and good food are all part of the Byrning Spears lifestyle. Allan Byrne lives this philosophy every day and nothing has changed for AB in the last 30 years – check out his backhand reos, he’s still ripping!

Reflecting on a new generation

Staying concious of a healthy lifestyle is being passed on to the next generation. Allan Byrne’s influence on his son Jamie has not only made him shred out in the ocean but has helped him learn the art and skills of becoming a talented surfboard shaper. Admiring AB’s clean living and seeing him rip all these years, Jamie has adopted the same path and surfs and shapes just as well as his old man – although we’re sure AB would have something to say about that!

Legend surfer and shaper, Kiyotaka Kurokoshi, is another example of a father lighting the way for his son. Taiki Kurokoshi is fast becoming the number one threat on Japan’s pro circuit taking 3rd place at the Japan Junior Titles in 2006.

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