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Preperation for Big Wave Awards

thumbAbout a month ago, Phil Ward from Oakley (South Pacific) contacted me regarding making trophies for the Oakley Big Wave Awards. Initially we talked of miniature versions of a Gun for the Paddle In award and Tow boards for the Biggest Wave and Biggest Slab.

It dawned on us that a miniature 9’6” Gun looks like a tow board, and a miniature tow board looks pretty much like a tow board. So we decided for maximum “wow”  factor, to do full size boards. Made exactly as they are, weight wise, length, fins etc ..

We wanted it so all contestants and recipients would be ffrothing over actually using these boards to access the biggest waves in each category. But they aren’t allowed, they are perpetual trophies and as such each winner will have his name engraved on a plaque each year and the boards will eventually chronicle Australasia’s Big Wave warriors exploits as long as this event runs.

Believe me, these boards have all been made with all our knowledge and attention to detail from 40 years of making boards and riding waves, they are the best we can make.

The 9’6” is 19’1/2” wide and 3” thick, I modelled it off the Eddy board we made for Darrick Doerner. I rode this board at Waimea this year and it was magical in paddling and speed down the face. So I figured it was a good point to start from. We glassed it with a double 6 oz bottom and double 6 oz deck, nine mm 5 ply stringer and FCS AB 2’s Fins.

The Tow boards are 6,0” x 15’1/2” wide by 1’3/4” thick. The foam is blown heavy (thanks to Don Burford) and we used 3 x nine mm stringers. The are glassed in 3 x 6oz bottom and a 4 x 6 oz deck with a technique of retaining all the resin to add as much weight as possible. They are set up for goofy or natural and use FCS straps and the AB FCS Tow fins. If it was possible to surf these boards they would perform as good as anything we have ever made. You never know, one day perhaps they may be ???

We sprayed them black in line with Oakley’s signature marketing , and they are polished. I can honestly say these are the most beautiful boards Dale, Matt and I have ever made.

All credit must go to the genius of Dale Wilson for te finished product. I am constantly in awe of his creative abilities. Thanks heaps Bro !

We shot pictures of each stage of production and will post them as the Awards go down.

Thanks to Phil and Oakley for giving us the opportunity.

Enjoy – AB.


  1. Lutzy David Lutz (spootz) says:

    AB / Dale,

    Awsome boards, You know i have a full quiver of your 6 channel weapons and they are somthing else. Im off to Indo again in a couple of days and will put them through there passes again as well.

    Keep up the top work, your boards rip.

    Keep charging,


    Lutzy (The Spootz)

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