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One of a kind

image-one-of-a-kindThe biggest board I have ever made. It was an exercise in seeing what would come out of a 12’ 3” x 4.5” thick mal blank.

I drew the outline with a 7’2” template (5’0” short) and then just cut blindly outside the lines, pretty chuffed with the outcome. It took two hours to plane out and a whole day to finish shaping. It is glassed with a 6 & 4 oz top and bottom. Polished and double plugged, it pretty much took all of our attention for 4 days! We are immensely proud of the finished item, it’s why we do this job. I know Phil is pretty stoked with his one of a kind! Final dimensions 12’22” x 3.5”

If you’re after a hand crafted, one off board please contact us!


  1. david from sydney says:

    i only found this site today……great stuff, love that yellow board! ….comprehend being chuffed….. will be in touch soon on work land line……..maybe on a hot arvo with a delivery of becks beers.
    i could need a tender for my maxi yacht.

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