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Oakley / Surfing Life Big Wave Awards

Well, its all over now but what a great 2.5 days in Bondi. I’d never spent anytime there and had a pretty poor expectation of the place. We were pleasantly surprised . Lovely people, great staff, very friendly and relaxed. I could live there , if I had to.

Oakley and ASL put on a great Awards night. Reviving memories of the Stubbies era. One thing about Big Wave Surfing is, you can’t fake it and as a result everyone is pretty earthy and normal, not too much ego, more humble than anything. The bar was open and food was wandering around the crowd on very nice legs. Even my wife said she has never seen so many beautiful women. Nor have I but only with an old man’s appraising eyes.

You could have heard a pin drop when DD (Darrick Doerner) spoke about conditioning and how to prepare for large surf.
Doug Young (go Dougy) won the Paddle in Award for the 2nd year running and had the place in stitches with his acceptance speech. Pretty animated, Mark Mathews got the Slab Award and Laurie Towner the Biggest Wave Award.

The best part though was the decision by Phil Ward (Oakley) to let the winners keep the boards we made as trophies. The winners were stoked and so were we. Dougy said the 9’6” Gun was only going to come back from him in 2 pieces anyway. I’m just stoked the boards will get ridden as I have trouble thinking they would not fulfil their purpose.

So the rest of the night washed through with the DJ and Singers Rockin, and Jayne and me dancing the Old School-New School shuffle. Loved it. Thanks Oakley.


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