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New Pelagic Series


6’2”  = GT.
Your Small wave, up to 6’0” Board. Hi Performance short arc turns, great hold in the barrel and projection out of turns.


6’5”  = Yellow Fin Tuna.
If its 4’ to 6’ with bigger sets grab this one.
It has a wider range of usage and can double as a small small wave performer.


6’8”  = Spanish Mackeral
Much like the 6’5” but capable of dealing with more size and power. If I could only take one board, this would be the one. Using the FCS 1’s to surf the larger waves and FCS 2’s to make the board feel smaller and surfing tighter arcs it becomes an extremely useful  piece of equipment.


7’2” = Wahoo
Starting to reach into full Gun range. Drag this out at 6’-10’, fast, grip on the face and speed to burn.
Now we are talking. It’s 10’ already and we need paddle and penetration. Still highly manouverable but secure in the power. A full blown Indo Gun but still feels like you are driving a sports car.


7’6”  = Blue Marlin
Bloody Serious, take it to Outside Corner, Lighthouse, Nusa Dua, as well as Sunset Beach and Pipeline. You are ready.

With all quivers, keep your width the same from 6’2” to 7’6”. This way each board has similar rail to tail characteristics. Just fatten them up for more paddle.

Now your ready to call Scardy (International Surf Travel organiser and expert) off the bomb at Speedies. But don’t say “I told you so”.



  1. Scardy says:

    Looks great guys… lets fire it up !!


  2. Aaron says:

    Agreed, can’t wait to try one of the new boards!

  3. Matt Roberts aka darkmantra says:

    Wow guys,

    Great looking fish… 😛

    Must be a talented artist who did them!
    (Cant wait to see them on some product!)

    Cue the Metallica

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