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Illegitimate Boards

image-ab-illigitimate-boardIt has recently come to my attention that there are Byrning Spears, Allan Byrne designed surfboards being sold in both South Africa and the UK and perhaps Europe of which I have no knowledge and definitely have not sanctioned. AS such these boards are not the real thing and are being marketed illegally.

The only Byrning Spears, Allan Byrne designed boards of authenticity come from our factory here at Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia. There are two other factories producing legitimate Byrning Spears surfboards. These are by Ray Finlay at Raglan NZ under the Byrning Spears New Zealand label, and by Kiyotaka Kurokoshi at Kaifu in southern Japan under the Byrning Spears Japan label. No other boards are legitimate productions of the Byrning Spears Company. Make sure you get what you pay for.



  1. paul turketo says:

    hi allan, im interested in getting some boards made by you. ive had couple made by ray in raglan good boards. was wondering if you still do epoxy boards . saw a couple not to long ago when i was still living in nz. just want to compare for myself which is better glass or epoxy.

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