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Byrning Spears NZ Tour 2005

image-nz-tour-2005Well it’s the 1st May 2006, the Byrning Spears / Hallensteins Bros. promotional tour of New Zealand took place in Oct 2005, 7 months ago and you wonder why it took me all this time to post it on our website: Reason = like many editors / surfers before me, when you find a treasure chest some secrets should be left a secret. As I have an obligation to Hallenstein Bros. New Zealand, this is the company that carries the Byrning Spears range of clothing in 44 stores around the country I am forced to declare the truth.

The Byrning Spears team landed in Auckland on a Saturday morning to be greeted by the most beautiful weather you could only imagine as a surfer, light offshore winds and pumping swell that lasted the entire trip of 10 days. Not a cloud in the sky for the entire time, wonderful sunrises and sunsets. On board with Allan Byrne, team rider Darrick Doerner from Hawaii and Miles Ratima of Raglan New Zealand, team rider and driver for the duration.

Hallensteins Bros. had booked the movie theatres around New Zealand for the showing of The Ride, a movie by Darrick Doerner, Laid Hamilton, Dave Kalama and BanMan Productions. This was an opportunity for the Kiwis to see an unreleased awesome big wave movie and chat live at the theatres with Darrick and Al Byrne. They came in droves, surfers and non surfers alike, packed houses and a vibrant discussion time at all venues. Groms scrambled for autographs and giveaways, mums and dads watched agape at Darrick pulling into 30 ft barrels. The News channels feasted on the opportunity given to them by Hallensteins Bros, to bring someone of this caliber in surfing and a waterman of world fame to New Zealand.

As the city venues came around so did the waves, clean, straight, blue water lines came pumping in from a far away low in the southern ocean somewhere, we couldn’t believe our luck. Airline flights got re-scheduled, it was a mad dash to every airport and the wetsuits never had time to dry out, all taking place in 23 deg C, blue skies and in one of the most friendly, cleanest places on the planet. It was truly an epic tour, something you hope for but seldom achieve. Congratulations New Zealand and Hallensteins Bros, the Byrning Spears Team want to thank you all for your wonderful hospitality, your glorious food, your beautiful countryside and your excellent waves… “We’ll be back!”

Right now we’re planning on a return trip in October 2006, keep an eye out for the advertising and don’t miss the next movie and a chance to meet icons like these guys. Stay tuned to your local Hallensteins store and keep an eye out for the posters on the next one.


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