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Byrning Spears goes to California

After an absence of 15 years Allan Byrne is setting up production of his remarkable 6 channel surfboards in Southern California.

Concentrating on “mid range” and “full guns” for quality waves where you want the best performance available, these boards will be produced in Stu Kenson’s San Diego shaping company facilities in Mesa Ridge Court, San Diego.

Allan will be in California from 25th June 2008 for 2 weeks travelling with his glasser/sander Dale Wilson, as well as Darrick Doerner and Darrick’s son Tiger. If you want to acquire one of these master pieces from the man himself, you should place an order either directly by emailing [email protected] or contact Stu Kenson at [email protected] or phone 858 552 1500.

These boards will now be available through selected surf shops on the west and east coasts of the U.S. We intend to manufacture the best performing boards we can using the best materials. That’s why Dale is travelling with Allan, to make sure the glassing and sanding is done with all the knowledge they have acquired over the last 30 years of 6 channel production.

Allan has spent time in San Diego in the early 70’s at Pacific Beach and again in the mid 90’s in Santa Barbara with Hamish Graham doing his Byrning Spears label so he understands the surf and boards needed.

If you go to the Caribbean or Mexico, or northern California, or Tahiti, Indo – G.Land, Hawaii, Fiji you should already be aware of the importance of good equipment. AB’s boards are renowned as the weapon of choice in all these areas by the surfers who know. Check Jamie O’Brien, Scardy at G-Land, Biff in Tahiti, DD in Hawaii, RIQ Smith in Australia and Doug Young in New Zealand.

If your surfing means a lot to you, you should seriously consider this opportunity.

For more info please contact us!


  1. frank payne says:

    how much for a6’10” clear six channel single fin? how do i order? thank you.

  2. Carlie says:

    If you’re looking to buy these arleitcs make it way easier.

  3. Dat mag je met recht een leuk Paasweekeind noemen, jaha….bij Jose ga je niet makkelijk met lege handen naar buiten én het is er nog gezellig óók met dat prachtmens in je buurt.Jij kan weer genieten van al die leuke én handige spulletjes.Liefs,Ger

  4. hehe;) værsego’@Karoline: Jeanette takker helt sikkert kjempemasse;)@Kari: den er det, og best pÃ¥ norsk om du skal ha det moro en kveld du er brisen, se den pÃ¥ svensk:P

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've missed you ((hugs)). Princess looks so cute and the cleaning and food looks great! I need to get my bootay in gear and do some major cleaning. Love ya!!

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