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BS Welcomes Doug Young

image-doug-young-joinsIt is with great pleasure that we welcome Doug Young to the Byrning Spears stable of surfers. Doug is considered one of the world’s leading big wave riders, with standout performances at “Jaws” and “Mavericks” and an outstanding 3rd placing in the “World’s Heaviest Barrell of the Year”, this year.

This is a feat that no kiwi has ever been honoured with and I’m sure Dougy will be telling this story to his grandkids. A truly memorable moment both on a personal level and as one for New Zealand surfing as a whole. But it is his performances in the far south, particularly “Papatowai”, that show the true nature of this kiwi character.

Anyone who has met Dougy comes away with a sense of having been in the company of one of surfing and New Zealand’s luminaries. At the moment the forecast in the deep south is for snow to sea level and a 12 metre plus swell. The TV is showing pictures of a winter wonderland, the ski fields are looking awesome and here is the guy ringing me, absolutely ecstatic with the chance to paddle out, perhaps alone, into life threatening conditions. I am in awe of this man. Understand he does this because he loves it, not because people expect it of him, or because it will make him famous. He was doing this long before anyone recognised him for his performances.

Inside this surfer beats the heart of one of New Zealand’s great characters, and he has only just begun. This year Doug has decided he wants to dedicate himself to searching out and surfing New Zealand’s unsurfed and largest waves. That’s for New Zealand, that’s staunch.

Dougy, it is an honour to call you a friend and we collectively thank you for inspiring us all to greater things.


(Allan Byrne)

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