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Allan takes back clothing

clothing-backSince 1969, Allan Byrne has been responsible for the birth of high performance hardware. Established in Australia and perfected on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, BS equipment has been at the for front of surfing globally since the establishment of the world circuit in the 70’s.

Allan subsequently had many successful years sublicensing the clothing side of the brand, all the while keeping the surfboard design and production under his control and retaining the label’s inherent values of performance and integrity.

Allan and his team at Byrning Spears International have successfully taken the label overseas and indeed there is an extremely successful clothing business in New Zealand with their Strategic Alliance partner Hallenstein Bros. They have used the latest designs and functionality for the clothing in New Zealand and the level of retail sales they have achieved proves the success of the label there.

In addition to this, and an absence of 15 years in the US market, Allan and Byrning Spears International have recently set up production of his remarkable 6 channel surfboard in Southern California. Concentrating on “Mid Range” and “Full Guns” for quality waves were you want the best performance available, these boards will be produced in Stu Kenson’s San Diego shaping company facilities in Mesa Ridge Court, San Diego.

Now, the exciting local news, is that the clothing side of the brand in Australia, is now back in the hands of it’s creator and founder, Allan Byrne. Allan and the Byning Spears International team will turn their focus towards ensuring that the quality and performance that Byrning Spears surfboards are renowned for, can also be attributed to the clothing in Australia.

Watch this space!!!

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